500 kW Solar Parks

Solar energy, solar parks

Planning, construction and operation of solar parks between 50 and 500 kW power

The possibilities of the construction of solar parks in Hungary are regulated by the 382/2007 (XII.23.) Government Regulation § 23.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. undertakes to carry out the complete planning and construction works for its partners and on the basis of a special request and agreement it can undertake the complete, long-term operation of the solar park.

Our complex offer includes the full preparation of the documentation needed for the approval to be submitted to the Licensing Office including the specialist plans in several phases:

Solar energy, solar parks- required planning, preparation of technical documentation,
- preliminary approvals,
- planning,
- detailed planning documentation,
- handing over,
- commissioning,
- certificates of use, and
- active participation in the preparation of receiving and coordination contracts about the produced energy,
- long-term operation of the Solar Park, representation of the clients.

We prepare the construction permit drawings and the detailed installation plans with reliable precision for our customers. The requirements include the involvement of various authorities (Building Authority, Energy Office, Energy Services, Professional Offices, etc.) and we coordinate this multi-layered work process for you so that everything goes smoothly.

We do our work by working out the basic concept of the systems to be installed, and by planning the locations of the tools and equipment, by preparing AutoCAD drawings, highlighting the focal points of the system drawings in a way that everyone understands them, transparently in a way required by the authorities.

The components of the plan package/packages (Electrical plan, Static plan, Architectural design, Soil mechanics, Fire prevention, Environment protection) together provide the complete "work package".

The investor faces other cost structure, as well, such as fees payable to Energy Service Provider, Professional Administrative charges and fees payable to the Licensing Office - we know the amount and composition of these fees and monitor them closely during the procedures.

Technical composition of the built plants in general:
It is important to take into consideration the technical parameters of the components in case of planning and installation, as well. Besides the long-term predictability of reliable production data proper quality safety is also needed for the operation of a production plant. The proper coordination and operation of photovoltaic modules, inverters and controllers, the availability of the manufacturer's guarantees is also important (preferably they come from the EU) and quality assurance shall be verifiable and provided in the long run also.

It is recommended to know and adhere to the quality assurance requirements of the energy receiver. Contact keeping during the operation is based on separate control systems, from which deviation is not possible.

The participation in the preparation of the documentation and the coordination is possible, but: a significant part of our job is to take into consideration and protect the interests of the Investor.