Direct users 2-50kWp

2-50 kWp PV systems for own use

Direct interested parties may request preliminary information from us personally or on our website.

Information provided through our website is general, and we provide it according to your needs in a simplified but professional manner as regards both the products and the prices.

The complete specifications, quality assurance documents are handed over to the client when the order is made and the contract is signed.

Solar energySince direct use may require different power in the range of 2-50 kW and different systems, we ask you, to please confirm all your needs with our staff so that we can present the most optimal system and funding model to you.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. can offer a variety of alternative installations on the basis of the user's needs.

After the development of the offers the solar systems are installed on the basis of the decision of the client depending on whether the customer wants "only" to replace his bills or he wants to have a predictable revenue in the long run.

In several European countries investments in Solar Systems have proved to provide a steady return for a long time new in a simple and reliable manner.

The installation of Photovoltaic Systems has reached a high technical level by now, and (contrary to the incorrect public beliefs) is provided at a price level that is accessible to everyone.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. provides its Customers with financing models, tender possibilities and complete implementation based on the current needs and agreements.