Fast charging stations

Planning, installation and operation of fast charging stations for electric vehicles

Fast charging stationsElectric vehicles are already playing a decisive role.

Besides the usual operation of buses, trains, metros, a growing number of electric vehicles - electric cars and other electric vehicles are becoming more and more common in our everyday lives.

One of the main criteria for the widespread use of electric-powered cars is the possibility to charge their batteries - quickly.

The network level development of fast charging stations (K-ports) is the only way that allows the setting up of proper infrastructure in every country.

Proper locations for these stations are along highways, main roads, at gas station networks, shopping centres, catering units, leisure centres and in many other places.

The products and service portfolio of the Solarcell Hungary Kft. includes planning, installation and operation of electric car fast charging stations.

The planning and professional installation of K-ports require the highest level of professional criteria.

Fast charging stationsA proper quality fast charging unit requires the conscious coordination of technology, the revolutionary, new geometric shapes, holder / frame structures with precise static indicators, special solar modules (Bi facial Photovoltaic Modules) and the properly sized and reliable fast charging columns in order to allow 15-30 minute long rapid charging of our vehicles.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. with the presence of its professional and supplier background companies has created the possibility to be an important and determining player of this business segment in Hungary in the coming years.

... because the future is already present with us!


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