General Information

In order to avoid the usual and normal commercial activities, and create true professional activities in the everyday life of the Solarcell Hungary Kft., our company has integrated to the company policies and systems of the producers. This allows us to actively participate in innovation, to have daily access to the professional actualities and to professionally use these actual results.

We have exclusive commercial and representation rights with all supplier companies the conditions are all laid out in contracts.

All sales, technical, repair and warranty services are carried out by the Solarcell Hungary Kft. in Hungary for these supplier / manufacturing companies with the highest possible Customer care.

We have all the professional documentation, quality assurance and certifications for the used products that are needed in Hungary (Certificates).

Besides structure, materials, operation, professional installation our guarantee can be extended to include operation, as well.

We provide the following services to our Clients on a continuous basis that go beyond our immediate fields of activity:
- Tracking of projects related to professional fields, assistance in tender writing
- Assistance and documentation for signing contracts
- Financing models
- Financing of projects
- Facilitation of bank financing
- Down Payment Financing
- Performance guarantees
- Full range of planning tasks, implementations, system monitoring, operation of the quality assurance system with real responsibility and guarantees.

Our staff is happy to answer all your questions.