We welcome you as a prospective partner in the field of one of today's most important challenges that is the use of current energy concepts

Solarcell Hungary Kft. was primarily established to plan, install and operate photovoltaic solar power systems, to supply technology components, as complete technological units, specializing in international fields of activities.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. undertakes the full planning of the solar systems based on the local circumstances, undertakes to acquire all permits and do all commissioning work.

As part of the overall service package, in addition to the service and maintenance works the company undertakes remote control of the operations or does operational work on behalf of the users, investors.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. has international scope of operations and as a result of its professional know-how, it is present in various countries in Europe.

Besides Hungary we have references in Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, which make our company more and more recognized internationally as a result of our acknowledged work on various locations, and we are delighted about it.

... the future is already present with us!

The professionals of Solarcell Hungary Kft. have many years of experience, and are committed to achieve success as a result of their work. As a result of the wide range of international connections of the company we are able to use the up to date results of the latest technology in our work.

With our expertly designed know-how and the most recent economic strategies, on the basis of our reliable and thoughtful work practices we expect the business success of our clients and ourselves rightfully and with certainty.

Solarcell Hungary Kft. is a company with professional background, who is dedicated to its profession and is able to meet the challenges of our time and to fully meet all the needs of the clients. We expect our activities to be the best even if looked at it with a critical eye.

We welcome any professional challenges that let everyone know: today the basic requirements for companies are long-term reliability, professional competence and SUCCESS.

With our activities we perform work that thinks economically for generations ahead in the field of energy and environment-friendly user needs.

The partners of the Solarcell Hungary Kft. are industry leading big manufacturing companies, and with their true partnership we plan and market only real, quality products and as a result of this situation we always guarantee the best conditions and price levels.