Inverters for solar systems

The US-based - with European centres in Germany and Italy - Power-One company is the second largest inverter manufacturing company in the world, and was considered in 2012 to be the most trusted and most well-known inverter manufacturer.

The highest level of innovation and knowledge is focused in the planning, production, and also in the everyday life of the company - in Hungary the inverters of the Power-One company are marketed under the name Aurora since 2011.

As of 2. May 2014. it is marketed as ABB - following the merge of the two world leading companies- in the field of solar and wind energy utilization.

Inverters for solar systemsWe are able to supply all types of the ABB inverter family to Hungary.

ABB is not only providing innovative and ultra modern technology to its clients through its products, but also extremely high quality steady repair services.

ABB products and services are considered to be the best by the professional circles all over the world.

The majority of the Hungarian professional participants have already started selling ABB inverters as premier class products with the satisfaction of the customers.

The products meet the international and Hungarian quality standards, comply with the requirements of energy suppliers and have assurance systems (Zertifikate).

ABB inverters can be used and installed in the territories of all energy suppliers.  Inverters can be installed in the solar systems on the basis of individual permits granted by the energy suppliers.

Inverters are key elements of any PV or wind power systems, which is more than a special tool, it requires a special degree of professional competence, and to this end the experts of the Solarcell Hungary Kft. acquire their knowledge through continuous training, this is how we can provide long term, reliable repair service for the Solar Systems or wind energy systems.


Inverters for solar systems