Our life giving Sun

The Sun is responsible for the things that we have under us, and the Sun warms and illuminates us. Whether a person is good or bad, the Sun is there for all of us. The Sun gives light to everyone.

Emma - Photovoltaic modules, solar energyWe have taken advantage of the Sun and we will always do that. The Sun is not offended by this, it is happy to give us its energy and it will not make it any weaker or any less. Not like the jungles, which are also fed by this enormous, shiny orb. However, we humans, instead of allowing the jungles to clean and decorate the Earth, erode them recklessly, not caring about the fact that by doing so we destroy ourselves. We accelerate the death of the Earth and our own death.

We need to find a solution, where the main source of energy will enthusiastically assist us and is readily available any time we need it. The energy of the sun is inexhaustible, its use is non-malicious. And it does not hurt it! Because the sun is always shining somewhere, no matter what happens. It will always rise and its radiant light will make the sky bright even when we cannot see it.

I ask you to please help us make our world a better place by contributing as much or as little as you can!

Thank you!

Emma, 10-year-old girl (Hungary)