Siebert Digital displays

Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics

Solar energy made visible

With future-orientated technology you invest in renewable energies. But how does the public becomes aware of your commitment to the environment if the photovoltaic system is not visible on the roof?

With Siebert digital displays you make your solar system and its performance visible – in the foyer, in the entrance hall or public appeal outdoors, and you have the efficiency of your solar system at a glance.

For photovoltaic systems in public buildingsor solar systems for commercial use, the visualization of the performance makes sense anyway: purpose and ecological benefits of the investment become transparent and the information about the avoided carbon dioxide levels (CO₂) provides valuable educational work.

LED technology

Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics

The latest LED technology is used in Siebert digital displays. LED displays distinguish themselves through their high luminous power and durability. Their big viewing angle allows convenient and reliable reading even when looked at from the side. The LED digits light actively and draw spontaneously – differently acting to passive LCD displays – the attention of the viewer.

Easy parameterization

An intuitively software allows easy and fast parameterization of the displays.
Furthermore the series XC440/XC450, XC460/XC470, XC480 and XC445/XC455 can be parameterized via Bluetooth.

For each photovoltaic system

Siebert digital displays are suitable for any photovoltaic system and can also be connected subsequently to existing systems.

The following connections are available as standard:

- Impulses of an electric meter (S0 Interface)
- Serial interface of the inverter or data logger (RS232 or RS485)
- Ethernet interface

Digital displays type:
Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics_XC490Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics_XC480Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics_XC450Siebert digital displays for the photovoltaics_XC410

- XC410
- XC420
- XC440/XC450
- XC445/XC455
- XC460/XC470
- XC480
- XC490

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