The history of photovoltaic systems

The oil price shock of the 1970s in the United States generated a need for searching for the use of alternative energy sources. The possibility of using solar energy came to the fore as a result of various economic considerations and the desire to make our environment better. The need for experiments and their urgency was not only induced by the rapid development of space technology, but also by environmental concerns and human needs.

Photovoltaic modules, solar energyUsing partly the results of the developments started in the USA since the mid-1980s photovoltaic systems started to be introduced in Europe as well in all areas of the economy, thus they have been constantly gaining ground. Today, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain have significant global positions in the production and use of power generating systems.

The quality of these products is guaranteed by the strictness and almost identical requirements of the various quality assurance systems. In the different countries of the European Union the local markets are built according to guidelines.

Power suppliers in the energy markets in the EU Member States are required by law to purchase electricity produced from renewable energy at a higher price compared to conventional energy.